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Neurolibrium retreats are designed to maximize your potential

with an integrative program for mind, body and spirit.


For the mind, we carefully evaluate your brain performance with a sophisticated suite of measurement tools including qEEG brain mapping, Heart Rate Variability testing and other neurocognitive evaluations.  The results of which help us design an individualized training plan of neurofeedback and biofeedback to provide insight into your obstacles and to teach your brain you to be calm and flexible, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

For the body, twice daily yoga sessions reacquaint you with the often untapped power of true mind/body alignment.  The Ayurveda inspired meals, and the nutritional counseling that goes with it, will reinforce the “food as medicine” component of your transformation.

For the spirit, an experienced coach will help you uncover and clarify the obstacles that prevent you from breaking through your “upper limits” to be your authentic self.  This happens in a group setting because being in community with others is a vital part of transformation – you are not alone.

Neurolibrium Retreat Programs

The weekend retreats are held on Saturday and Sunday and will result in a noticeable shift in your perspectives and function. It will provide an introduction to the Elements, the mind, body and spirit integration that is the key to your ultimate performance.

Our five day retreat runs Monday through Friday and will provide a much deeper and more profound transformation.  The repeated and intensive exposure to the Elements used in the Neurolibrium program will cement the skills you acquire over the week and lay the groundwork for you to be the best you can be.

Sample Retreat Day programming

8 AM –  Breakfast

9 AM – Introduction to the Neurofeedback, Personal Coaching, Ayurveda and Yoga Team

10 AM – Yoga and Breath Work

10:30 AM  Neurofeedback and Personal Coaching

12:30 PM – Lunch and Nutritional counseling

2 PM –  Neurofeedback and Personal coaching

4 PM – Yoga and Breath work

5 PM – Dinner and Nutritional counseling

7 PM – Group processing and closing


If retreats like this are what your looking, for contact me and tell me about your goals.

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