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About the Program
Welcome to Neurolibrium™ a comprehensive, integrated training program for self awareness. You’re here because you have come to realize that there is an “upper limit” to your current performance, I call it the “last 10 yards” syndrome. No matter what you do, there are dark corners of your being that prevent you from becoming the best you can be. You can shine a light in those dark corners; unblock and unlock the immense capabilities you inherently possess. Is it challenging? Of course it’s challenging, nothing of value comes easily but better function is far more available to you than you know.

I have spent the last decade doing clinical neurofeedback for the most difficult disorders on earth, Autism Spectrum, Bi-Polar, Post Traumatic Stress, Borderline Personality, etc. What has become clear to me is, guided by the insights from neuroscience and utilizing the powerful technologies available today, that remediation or elimination of the symptoms of these disorders is entirely possible.  If performance can be enhanced for those folks it can apply to you as well.

The Elements
Client doing neurofeedback


The technological foundation of the program is neurofeedback and several hours per day will be devoted to training with this powerful tool for self awareness.  Your brain will gain mastery over its own regulation and allow you to fluidly find the improved performance you need to blow past your “upper limits”. This mastery was once reserved for meditation experts with decades of experience, modern technology has allowed that skill to manifest in days not years!

Personal Growth coaching

With the expert guidance of experienced facilitators, you will outline your goals and explore your reactions to the training throughout the day  There is ample opportunity for individual and group exploration of common obstacles in both structured discussions and over shared meals. Sharing within this safe community will propel even deeper understanding of your personal transformation.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

The meals presented are inspired by Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old holistic mind-body medical system that originated in India alongside Yoga. This living body of knowledge uses many different methods of healing which include using food as medicine and lifestyle changes to promote synergy.


Yoga and body work

Connection to one’s body is vital for overall performance.  With daily practice you can learn to become more aware of the ways your body supports you and how best to take care of it.  Acknowledging the powerful impact of something we take for granted, our breath, has on our well being will also be explored.


Are you interested in fully integrating your mind, body and spirit?

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